Dail Art Studio
The Art of Sukhdev Dail
The Herald, Monterey County


Pacific Grove Art Center Exhibition (Jan 8th - February 18th)

As I entered the exhibit, I felt bathed in serenity.
Concrete sculptures gave forth warmth.
The depth of the paintings echoed expanse and mystery.
As I left, I felt the joy of having been in the presence of deep beauty.
     - Illia Thompson, Carmel Valley

Dail’s sculptures don’t speak to me…they sing!
    - Gayle White

The word “statue” implies immobility, but these statues are sculptures, formed in longing and wanderlust by a moving, impassioned hand.
    - Kiri Peterson-O’Dei

In the cast of Sukhdev’s sculptures I found myself in company of mythic spirits whose simplicity of form defines eloquence.
    - Laura Bayless

Concrete as a substance is hard, cold and unforgiving.
In Dail’s masterful hands it becomes soft and warm, 
a breathing form.  Beautiful!
    - Mary Ellen Martinelli